Members presentation

The Association offers the opportunity to present our members and their company profiles on our website, this aims to establish solid business links and cooperations of our members with Greek and Ukrainian companies.

Search for Commercial partners

We support our members, consulting them on the investment opportunities in various spheres and guiding the interested parties in their endeavor of searching for commercial partners. We offer information on the business and economic environment in Ukraine, as well as a consultation of the potential of the activities of the interested party in the country.

Organization and event coordination

We hold and coordinate business, social and cultural events, exhibitions and forums, which provide overall promotion of the relations between Greek and Ukraine. Members of the Association have the opportunity of networking and establishing new relationships, which play a vital role in further business developments.

Portal of information

The Association offers a continuously updated portal of information on its site, providing its members and other interested parties access to the latest developments in both countries.

Database of information

We have a rich database of information and contacts which will facilitate the stay of the interested party on the territory of Ukraine. We understand how important it is to have a trusted source of information, which can help you orient yourself to the new environment.

We are here to assist individuals which are visiting Ukraine, by providing them with all the basic information and contacts they may need, so that their initial visit to the country is as simple, comfortable and productive as possible.